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Nuclear Society

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  1. Information Library Facts and Figures Country Briefings Nuclear Fuel Cycle Current and Future Generation Safety and Security Energy and the Environment Economic Aspects Non-power Nuclear Applications Our Association Who we are What we do Membership Publications Shop.
  2. The Chinese Nuclear Society (CNS; 中国核学会) is a non-profit organization representing individuals contributing to and supporting nuclear science, nuclear technology and nuclear engineering in China Objectives. It was established in Its objective is to promote the advancement and peaceful use of nuclear science and technology.
  3. The Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) promotes the exchange of information on all aspects of nuclear science and technology and its applications. This includes nuclear power generation, fuel production, uranium mining and refining, management of radioactive wastes and used fuel. Other topics include medical and industrial uses of radionuclides.
  4. Indian Nuclear Society is now registering all its existing Life members on its new website and updating their contact details and other relevant information. This database will facilitate election of the next Executive Committee of INS using secure digital ballot based process. Subsequently, the website will serve as a platform for implementing.
  5. The Belgian Nuclear Society is a “learned society” (société savante) for the exchange and enhancement of science and know-how of its members. It was founded in as the local section of the ANS uniting students, post-docs and nuclear professionals.
  6. The Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information. is an outreach initiative of the American Nuclear Society (ANS). The Center was created to foster interest in and to increase understanding about nuclear science and technology.
  7. The main objective of the American Nuclear Society is to promote the advancement of engineering and science relating to nuclear energy, as well as allied sciences and arts. Other purposes are to support integration of the many nuclear science and technology disciplines, encourage research, establish scholarships, disseminate information, hold.
  8. The American Nuclear Society / Health Physics Society student chapter of Oregon State University is a student run organization connected to the American Nuclear Society National Chapter here are Oregon State University. We run social events throughout the year and provide volunteer ourteach opportunities to students in the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE).

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